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Thursday, October 04, 2012


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Could this be the self pitying ramblings of a sore loser?

He’s complaining there are no clear cut winners anymore -- so its more like the ranting of a competitive bat-shit crazy whiney bastard.

I love you all, you competitive, batshit crazy, whiny bastards. Now love me back you damned curs!

Love will be given based upon your own individual merit in the eyes of the jurors.

Yes, the key art awards has become watered down like children's sports . . . . . "We don't keep score as to not hurt anyone's feelings. No one wins or loses." Happy ending for all!

I bet all the people out there who couldn't even make it as a finalist (over the years) are just loving this new format. Everyone start patting themselves on their backs.

I agree with Guy, but he failed at his task, so not the best pseudonym for that comment.

This thing is run by the same folks who do the Clio Awards, you may have heard of them?? Open up any traditional advertising annual and you will see multiple gold, silver and bronze trophies. For once someone treats our craft like the other pillars of advertising and all we do is piss all over it.

These days, "our craft" is more wall decoration than a pillar of advertising.

Did some knucklehead on this poo blog actually say “pillars of advertising”?!!!
Woooohooooo!!! Pass the Kool-aid!

Pillars of poo!

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