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Thursday, October 18, 2012


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And 'bravo' to A&E, Warner Bros. and NBC Universal for winning the "Self-Back-Padder" award(s). As a result of their tireless efforts in hiring multiple vendors to create and conceptualize a dynamic campaign, THEY ultimately take the credit and the award home. Maybe next year the studios should solely attend the Key Art Awards.

I've yet to attend the Original Clio Awards, but I'm pretty sure Coca Cola doesn't go up to the stage to accept an award on behave of the creative work of Wieden+Kennedy.

Gotta give Ignition credit for doing this. It would be nice if more agencies did the same. This kind of credit means a lot to a freelancer.

On the other hand, in some instances Ignition may want to include a sub-credit under the Art Director for the person whose scrap they ripped off.

Just spreadin' the blame around...

Where was my sub credit?

They should re-name this fuckfest “The VP of Marketing Butt Kissing Awards”

We “job creators” would rather cut off our own nuts than give credit to some ungrateful art director whose just going to use the credit to get a better job.

Excellent suggestion Art. next year just have all the marketing veeps line up on stage pull their pants down and let the vendors have an ass smooching contest. The brownest nose wins

What do you mean "next year"?
Isn't that what happens every year?

Did anyone else get a popcorn surprise from a Marketing Veep?

vile. selfish. corporate. 'culture'

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