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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


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What's not so awesome about these comments are the ones coming from the fictitious movie poster fans like "Adreanna" and "Jonathan" which Ignition pathetically fabricated to compliment their own artwork, while slamming other agencies work. We've noticed NEW fake fans commenting as of lately.(Shawn Grobel-Blaine Holloway) Wasting endless weekends on creating Facebook profiles...I wouldn't put it past Jason to hire interns to exclusively work on this immature ploy in trying to prove to the studios and the general public as to how successful or awesome their polished turds are! Stay Classy.

Jason taught me the phrase "butt butter"

Ignition have been doing that for years on IMP, haven't they? Always seemed to me to feel really sickly and desperate especially for an agency that can actually do some good work. Unfortunately due to this whenever I see their name these days I get a resulting quiver of repulsion, Pavlov-style.

The part that really gets me is, they will slam art from other agencies that are ultimately from clients/studios they work with regularly! It doesn't read to them/ME as 'Ignition could've done a better job', but rather shows a new level of disrespect and immaturity.

And to think they post these comments anonymously!

Please Plimpton, enlighten the unenlightened - what is "butt butter"?

Butt Butter is the stuff Jason's dreams are made of Neptune!

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