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Thursday, February 06, 2014


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Also look at the one sheet for Committed (http://www.impawards.com/2000/committed.html)
done in 2005, which trumps Kingston.

Pretty certain The Other Women poster and The Family Stone posters are two different concepts. Unless anything on seamless with an engagement ring is monkey see, monkey do.

Yes, Meh. Which is why we stated: "the one on the right (The Other Woman) is merely an example of Monkey See, Monkey Do Something Different."

The Monkey See, Monkey Steal headline refers to the book jacket design vs. The Family Stone art.

The "Committed" key art is bad. Really bad.
And i doubt Kingston ever saw it. I sure as hell never did.

While I've seen the "Committed" art before I've never noticed the finger thing. The knuckle duster concept is pretty good though.

As the guy who wrote the copy line and came up with concept for the Ant Farm “Family Stone” poster I fully admit to stealing the idea.

I stole it from an unused concept sketch I did for “The Third Wife’s Club” back in 1995 (I’ve found that if you keep submitting the same idea over and over there’s a chance it’ll eventually stick). Suffice to say I’d never laid eyes on the Anne Kingston book cover prior to the point at which Fox contacted the Ant Farm.

More to the point, Fox’s lawyers were able to produce at least one other example of the same basic concept having been produced prior to Ms. Kingston’s book cover (a European album cover, if memory serves).

What’s amusing is to me is that Ms. Kingston regards the ring/ finger concept as being so original and unique that only her brother could have conceived it. My only regret is that Rupert Murdoch never asked me to join forces with him in an evil plot to steal an obscure, and not terribly inventive, dust jacket concept. Because that would have been awesome!

While I'm in a confessional mood, I'll also cop to having misstated the title of "The First Wife's Club" in my previous post. No doubt I'll be hearing from the late Olivia Goldsmith's attorneys...

"...if memory serves" = LOL!

The problem with both the "finger" concepts (Rob)is that it's impossible for the human hand to function as it's depicted. The ring finger can't be that vertical, independent of your other fingers. You're trying right now, aren't you? See, it can't be done.

Yeah, my hand is all crampy now. Thanks a lot, Art Corrector. I do think it helps that the Family Stone pose was shot from a slightly higher angle than that of the Kingston cover, but I certainly see your point.

Incidentally, it’s been so long now, but I suspect the inspiration for my original “First Wife’s Club” finger concept derived from an old photo of Kurt Cobain (Google “Kurt Cobain ring finger flip-off”). My original thumbnail depicted a female hand popping out of a wedding cake, ring finger extended. In an earlier post I’d made mention of an album cover, but I'm pretty sure I was thinking of the Cobain photo. Point being (for the three or four of you who still care) if anyone got ripped-off it was probably Kurt Cobain and his photographer.

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