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Sunday, February 16, 2014


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Maybe I'm just better off doing my freelance stuff alone and largely anonymously than to have to deal with some petty shit like that.
Though I wouldn't mind seeing the few things on impawards that I've done credited.

We did our own investigation (which means we looked up this Jessika ---- "person" on Facebook) and couldn't find anything suspicious. We did however come across these two comments on IMPAwards for a horror movie poster for New Line Cinema:

Anika Gorelov (signed in using Hotmail)
Fucking dope.

Large Marge (signed in using Hotmail)
That shadow is just about as fake as Anika Gorelov's hotmail account.

"You might ask yourselves…who gives a shit?" And yourselves would be correct.

I am naked right now! Ya.

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