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Tuesday, March 04, 2014


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Deadline should never be praised.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

You need to get out more, Chucky. Deadline was pretty damn good compared to most agencies and owners in this biz. Get over it. I'm sure they've forgotten you.

.....keeping the out of date orange theme?

Reduce (standards), Abuse (authority), Recycle (old artwork).

Time to review the ground rules:

No personal attacks. No slurring of any individual by name or by inference.

Do not use this blog to post anonymous libelous remarks about other people by name no matter how big a bastard that person may be or how mightily you were wronged.

Also: no biting, no spitting, and no gum unless you have enough for everyone.

Deadline? Good god, who's digging that name up from what- 5 years ago?

The only thing remotely interesting here is that when a certain manager was recently ousted from mOcean, two lame attempts to smear the agency were subsequently posted here. Coincidence?

Move on people, move on...sheesh.

It seems Deadline has been resurrected and the new 2.0 version has decided to use the work that was acquired by Mocean to showcase as their own.

Awwe.. it's like a little trip down memory lane looking at that work. At least Mindhard.com presents the old Deadline portfolio a lot better than mOcean was ever able to. Here's the deal...We live and die by your relationships. When mOcean laid off those who had the digital relationships, they were essentially laying off their digital clients.

Or suppose Glorious Art Director created the Clifford key art while employed at Horribly Rotten Design Group… who gets to delete it from their portfolio?

Sell Sheets... I remember cutting my teeth on those inglorious little bastards. "Let the FNG do the sell sheets."

It is as it's always been...Reward and praise for non-participants. Name one companies portfolio or reel that isn't the work of at least two other companies.

Edwina can we run with scissors and pour molasses on the cat?

Fuck you Baillie "No Name " Lynch-Teitelbaum! I and I alone created the Clifford poster!!!!!

Someone is in the wrong business! Get over it or get out!

Whoa! What happened to the FU post!?

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