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Sunday, March 09, 2014


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Thank God it's the final season.

GAG! Give Milt a kill fee and get Frank Ockenfels on the phone!

The real deal... http://www.petermax.com/

Strictly speaking, Mr. W's comment is emanating from his cranial region. So as to not provoke the esteemed Mr. G in going all "Duck Phillips in Okinawa" on the AMC showrunner, should not this internal dialogue be housed in a bubbly thought balloon?

Everybody's a #&$@* Art Director!!!

"Come on, creative. Be creative."


It looks more like an ad for Milton Glaser than an ad for Mad Men. If you ask me.

Everything Glaser has ever done is an ad for himself, what a gonif! Not to mention, judging from the photo, he designed the art as a horizontal billboard and then had to crop into the art to make the vertical poster and the line work got too thick and chunky. Go ahead, YOU tell him to redraw it! What a putz.

how the fuck these were ok'd I just don't know

awful work. very poor.

Jay, you need to read the fine print.

shark jumped.

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